Dear New Seasons. I went to your job fairs. Showed up super early. I was # 9 in line out of like 1000 people. I dressed nice. I interviewed well, you guys told me I would be a great fit. I filled out my "job finder" profile bullshit online. I'm well qualified, not ugly, smart- i have 3 degrees for shitsake. I'm a lot fucking nicer than the mopey shitheads I've encountered at your stores ( seriously NS employees, do you NOT KNOW HOW FUCKING GOOD YOU HAVE IT?!? SMILE AND ACT LIKE YOU GIVE A SHIT!). still you dont hire me. WHY?! Am I not diverse enough? tattooed enough? should i have been a dick in my interviews? WHATS THE FUCKING DEAL? I hate you. except for the Santa Claus type man at Arbor Lodge. that guy really is the shit.