You are not curvy, you are the size of a Volkswagen Beetle (to be fair, the classic Beetle, not the new ones). On behalf of the medical community who are dropping like disabled flies, due (ironically) to lifting your tremendous 300+ pounds of squishy flesh on an alarmingly more frequent basis, please oh please cease your frequent trips to the ER for pain meds. Yes, I'm sure you back and knees hurt tremendously, but this is from packing around all that extra poundage, even if only to cross the room to your Hoveround. That's a lot of PSI on joints that are designed to support a healthy weight. "Fibromyalgia" is a diagnosis given by a doctor to shut you up, and isn't real. Morbid obesity, however, is real and it will kill you. You have the right to be as fat as you want, just stay home and do it, without taking out the rest of us. Oh, and if I can't call you "fat slob" to your face, please refrain from referring to people of normal, healthy weight as anorexic. You clearly have a distorted perception of size and proportion.