Me fixing the engine in my Mustang 65`. You Daisy Dukes, 6 pack of beers. You said you were experienced, and wanted to fuck me. You said you had experience. I`ll let you fuck me. In all positions, and any way you wanted. I`d said let`s go at it. At some point, you did this trick where the two bodies swinging go out of balance, and the male counterpart falls down hitting his head on the floor, hard. Something went wrong, she went head down on concrete. She kept bitching about it. Whining. Like a girl whose plans have gone wrong and now she`s in the cover up. Honestly, she says she doesn`t know me and doesn`t knows her, and all kinds of weird shit about "thru the rabbit hole". Dammit, I call it Hunter Hunted, she brings it on herself, and she remained in doggy position. She still keeps cussing at me and my deads. Playing victimized, without actually being victimized. My Boombox was playing "Funk not only moves, it can remove, Dig?". And she had this book about Zen Practices and Rituals in her purse, alongside some beauty products. What went wrong???