To the cold-hearted bitch that lives next door.
I hope you're happy you've officially become the most horrible person i know (which i thought was hard to do cause i know some real jerks) but you just took the cake. I figured that you being a cat owner yourself would know what cats are like. They're fun rambunctious little critters that bring joy to most everyone. But because my cat, in an attempt to play with you cat, slightly damaged your screen you have to be a snatch. Instead of getting to frolic through the grass and enjoy the rich kitty life, you called our landlord and forced us to keep him inside, even after we offered to pay for any damages. And then, just because he sneaks outside one time you decide that you need to take legal action and force us to get rid of the only child we'll ever have. I hope your new screen fill the void of your never ending loneliness. I hope that your cat gets hit by a car and that you will someday have to feel the loss that we have felt for our fluffy love nugget.