Us— A couple months ago, our little family walking around Hoyt Arboretum.

You—Two entitled young college-aged girls, deluded into believing the world is your dogs' off-leash area. When I went up ahead to ask if your dogs were friendly, they jumped on me and then ran barking up to our four year old, who is the same size as your dogs, jumping on him. Because you apparently had not a working brain cell between the two of you, I had to ask you to put the dogs on leashes. Then you decided to lie, to say that no one had passed for an hour (so fucking untrue), and were "sorry". No, you weren't. You couldn't have cared less.

I walked away because I can't talk with Arrogant and Stupid. But I can tell you incredibly stupid girls that our little one has since been terrified around dogs. Your carelessness and lack of concern for anyone but your own selves makes every social outing where there are dogs present a true hell for our family.

I hope you didn't waste the opportunity that night to hoist a couple cans of shitty beer and toast to the occasion that YOU COMPLETELY TRAUMATIZED A FOUR YEAR OLD KID WHO DID FUCKING NOTHING TO YOU other than walk in a public area. Perhaps it will incite a rosy glow in your heart and spark some sense of conscience or understanding that the world doesn't revolve around your spoiled-hippie-princess asses.

Maybe, when you are an adult, you will understand what all this means. In the meantime, I hope someone can explain it to you.

And your dogs deserve better owners, too. I like dogs, but I really fucking hate what you did to my kid.