Although I walk a lot I am also a filthy motorist and cyclist from time to time. My peeve - pedestrians who are ridiculously reticent to exercise their right of way at a pedestrian crossing. Don't ask permission, don't spot a car coming from two blocks away and stand still on the curb to wait for the motorist to come to a complete stop. GO!! A ped crossing is a green light for pedestrians! You don't have to ask permission and you don't need to, and should not, thank motorists for stopping. You wouldn't thank another motorists for not running a red light and hitting you if you were driving. I personally relish strolling without hesitation into a ped crossing and making people stop short, hopefully spilling their coffee. I'm not saying I am completely suicidal about it, self preservation is important. Just doing my part to train motorists to look for those Ped Xing warning signs.