I understand how angry the bicyclists are about being hit and ignored by people driving cars. I understand that they perceive themselves as a minority, but I'm a pedestrian and there really has to be some accountability for us peds (not pedos) trying to get off the bus and cross streets without worrying about getting hit. Yay for all the new bicycle routes and that, but honestly some of us have to take mass transit, or maybe try and cross the street downtown with the lights. As a whole I am guessing that the bicycle culture is reaching it's summit during the summer months. Just, I don't know maybe, think about all of us trying to get on and off bus, or even trying to cross the street. Some riders have a self-involved sense of righteousness that makes them feel that it's okay to endanger our lives. Bike people, you go for it!!! However, the next time you run through a light, ride on the sidewalk, etc. I will take my umbrella and shove it through your spokes, the same way I would hit a car turning right on 82nd or downtown to emphasis the point that you tried to hit me. I have an special hatred towards the bands of bicyclists who turn 21st and Division into a major clusterfuck. Karma will get you eventually!