There seems to be a growing trend in Portland that riding a bike makes you a minority. I have seen it on this site and other blogs (that happens to be run by a straight white man) where they like to think that what choose as a form of transportation instantly makes them a minority. Riding a bike is a choice; almost everyone in the world is able to ride one. Stop thinking you know what it is like to be black just because your choice of transportation are not what the majority of people do in this city. Stop equating wanting better bike lanes or road access to that of the civil rights movement. It’s embarrassing, it comes off close minded, and it’s hurting the imaging of riding a bike. This did not work for Chris Dudley while running for governor when said he knows what it was like to be a minority because he was the only white guy on his team in the NBA. Please change your mentality and realize that most people are bike riders. Just because people drive their cars to work or use them to do errands doesn’t mean they have never ridden a bike or will own a bike. It’s getting out of control and it is making you look crazy.