I just wanted a place for my three dogs to stay during my wedding. That’s all. So I assumed that I would call a few dog boarding places in Portland, right? Yes, one of them needs to be kept separate from other dogs because she has a broken bone in her leg. What’s that? Did you really just ask me how she is going to go to the bathroom? I apparently idiotically assumed that you could figure that out if I have to pay you $45 PER DOG PER NIGHT. You only have deluxe rooms with feather pillows and flat screen TV’s? OH PLEASE, the room I’m staying in doesn’t even have those. You want me to bring each of them in separately for an evaluation at $18 a piece?!? You’ve got to be kidding me. Was it really necessary to try to make me feel like I’m a horrible person for wanting my dogs in a “cage”? She HAS A FUCKING BROKEN BONE! Of course I don’t want her playing with 50 other dogs all day and night. I AM FOLLOWING THE VETERINARIAN’S DIRECTIONS (And he obviously knows way more about dogs than you!) And it goes on and on: why would I leave my dog when she is injured? IT’S MY WEDDING THAT I’VE BEEN PLANNING FOR A YEAR. Why would I expect them to be able to keep her separate from other dogs? SHE IS INJURED AND YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE A FUCKING DOG KENNEL. I REALLY DON’T THINK THAT IS TOO MUCH TO ASK! Why wasn’t I willing to take the last available “deluxe suite”? THAT IS MORE EXPENSIVE FOR ALL MY DOGS THAN MY DAMN “NEWLYWED SUITE”. At least I finally found a sane section of land called Sauvie Island.