I'm sorry. I didn't realize that I was supposed to give a shit that
you are filming a scene of your shitty, stupid show in front of
Breakside Brewery (and taking up the entire public sidewalk). I
hadn't planned for the fact that by simply walking home from Woodlawn
Park bouncing my basketball (on the other side of the fucking street)
that I was causing a disruption so raucous that several of you thought
it necessary to invoke the international sign of "I'm Important And
You're Not," i.e. the silent finger to the lips, like somehow I should
care what the fuck you're doing.. I didn't realize that your presence
in my neighborhood wasn't enough of a hassle, and that only by
trudging tacitly, and in awe of your self-glorifying spectacle, from
the park to my home would I be able to do my part and help birth your
half-assed sketch show into fruition.

It must be nice to get a big ol' fat paycheck making fun of my
lifestyle, but I'm afraid that your sophomoric and somewhat tedious
parodies are not pointed enough to cause me to detour around your
roadblock (!) and your unfunny film shoot.

Go film in LA, in which you obviously wished you lived, you lazy,
self-righteous, entitled fucks.