You may recognize me as the volunteer who earnestly gave her time, dedication, and effort to your festival last year. Remember? I stood agonizing, and soaked in sweat as the piping hot gallery baked away my naivety. Whilst you drank and smoked in amusement of how the volunteers all wanted to be "cool" like you. Your eyes were fixated on my chest although we were wearing the same shirt, reading the four letters of the organization that foolishly pays your salary.

Some community members genuinely care about developing the creativity in Portland. Our artistic capability is nationally recognized, and I would like to see us distinguished for our talent rather than the smarmy, holier-than-thou attitude that has been swallowing our city whole lately. Basically, your ignorant, misinformed hubris is harming Portland.

While it is true I was an unpaid volunteer for PICA, it does not mean that I see you elevated upon a pedestal of conceptual artistic brilliance. Especially, when considering that my time is spent in writing and constructing legal arguments so that your program is funded. Irony lies in that I have been ostracized by a nonprofit arts organization as I spend my days researching ways to pay your salary.

Last night, a security guard told me that you didn't have enough volunteers to keep the galleries operating the same amount of hours this year. Is it because no longer does the city have the stupidity to be objectified by the artificial and insincere staff of your organization?