I see you hanging around no more. I`ll make damn sure you don`t go looking into my mail box again, as you do, which is placed directly in front of my house, and private. The same goes for the places I frequent, that you can`t follow me and hang using google locator, which I have it freely open for my friends in my smart phone, that I don`t know how you made use of it, since it`s password protected. Considering you have denied it several times, with the utmost degree of self indignation and outrage, and kept at it, by my means you`ll learn not to try to screw good people again, or people who were being nice to you, for use of a better term, and by trying to fix an unsolvable problem, receiving in response the worst of you. I tried to straighten this up by myself, personally, but your responses where unbelievable. You where playing me, but I wasn't playing you. Now you know better.