Human Simulacrum = Copy With No Originality Left


So you followed someone home because they bumped into you and didn't apologize? Yeah, that's not worse than what the skater did...
sun sept 19th? this happened in the FUTURE??
Hey no fair!! I want to time travel :(
As it has happened in the future sure as hell the skater is gonna do a lot of explaining of why some one is at the entrance of his building for giving said a brezze, really endangering somebody.

Probably both were drunk And/or high and didn`t realize at furst they were at a skate park.

Maybe if it`s in the future they were riding hoverboards.

(does this sound like I don`t give a shit? Oh, maybe I don`t. I has been long since I commented frequently and in I, Anon.)

Skater passes near me and I follow him to his building and can`t even go up to his apartment. You obviously won whatever it is you were looking for. And there will be "certain interactions which may ensue". Uuuh, scary.

Can we get back to real rants?
Um, he was on drugs. That's it.