dear x, i'm sure you'll not be pleased. although you've hurt me terribly, i'm not doing this to hurt you back. i published the e-mail new seasons outraged me with @ to show the world their blatant hypocrisy. i published your threats to show you i can't be scared away. i'm publishing this story because of your girlfriend's continuous and slanderous public defamation of my character - even after she got everything she wanted - and you have moved away to canada! people can think whatever they want to about me - but i'd prefer for it to be factually based and not on the lies and false accusations of others. i've been verbally harassed and physically assaulted by y; she is not a nice person! i think that you really suck right now too - but i know you very well; i choose to remember what is very best about you. i also forgive you. you know me very well, too - you must know by now - that i'll always stand up for my rights - i'll always defend my code of honor - i will always be truthful. this is me being who i have always been. i hope that you can by sympathetic - think of everything that the two of you have put me through! what new seasons market has tried to do to me! i hope that someday you'll offer me a better apology than - "i'm sorry it had to end this way." it didn't have to end this way and it's still not too late for you to make things right. it's your move... i'll always love you very much. i am your friend - your friend forever. peace x - with love - z.