Gym Rant


And before you have ANY CONVERSATIONS, WITH ANYONE please put on underwear or a towel. Your personal impersonation of Captain Morgan, while telling me about BBQ is fucking lame.
Instead of driving to the fucking gym to work out, why don't y'all try leaving your car at home and getting your exercise walking or cycling to work instead?
Dear gym, why do you have to be a gym? Why can't you be a restaurant or a swimming pool?
I find that headphones are a pretty good dumb conversation avoidance strategy.

"Keep your indignation to your self please." Why? You didn't.
Yeah ride your bike or walk run to the gym ( I train at home & of course on the road, so i don't have these social problems ) Maybe you should do the same the outside is a great place to get your work out.
We also happen to live in a city with affordable, clean and well-funded community centers that have workout facilities and pools and such. They're way cheaper, and the people there are more like your neighbors and less like douchebags that just moved here from LA.