Help the Lactose Intolerant Out


There's a cart on SE Division that is called Oregon Ice Works, they make lactose free ice cream and it's way better than Fifty licks.
@commenter "anonymous": depends on who's licking and where, I'd think.
"I know I am not the only one in this city that prefers (more likely needs) to have their ice cream this way."

Uhm, you don't NEED ice cream at all - noone does. If you're lactose intolerant, then you SHOULDN'T eat ice cream. That simple.
There is a whole line of coconut water "ice cream" that you might enjoy. Try New Seasons, and DamosA is right.
DamosA is spot on. See what he said.
If they have sugar-free and low-fat, they can have lactose free. Fat people and diabetics "shouldn't" eat ice cream either. So businesses can accomodate as many customers as possible, they choose to make varieties. I would love to be able to go out and enjoy a summer tradiotion like everyone else. PS. Breyers makes lactose-free vanilla, it's pretty good.
What is lactose intolerance? Is that where you fart unceasingly after eating milk... What you need is some self control and if you dont have that... Go to 32 flavors and let it rip... Once they catch your drift, maybe they will re-consider.
Well that's what happens when you employ retards to do custodial work. Hopefully, his filthy ass was sunt back to the group home.
As a new vegan I'm pretty surprised to realize how much food has animal products in it... there indeed really ought to be a whole lot more vegan options in restaurants, especially at least frickin' ONE option on any menu in this town. Luckily we got some tasty dairy-free icecream options at the grocery. Shit, dessert don't HAVE to be bad for ya..
Dont let your intolerance to milk, make you an insufferable person. You are not missing much from those specialty ice-cream shops. The Bacon Maple Ice Cream is pretty underwhelming. Why not go get a cupcake instead and laugh at those who think wheat intolerance is cruise control for raging about how hard their life is.
You must be a serious fucking halfwit if you can't find dairy-free ice cream in this town. You realize how fucking good you have it here? Go down to Houston or Atlanta and try to find some dairy-free anything.

Seriously...did you check the Cold Stone and then give up and go on I Anon?

Fifty Licks, Swirl (and every other build-your-own yogurt shop), Oregon Ice Works, etc.

Also, Eugene-based Luna & Larry's makes a coconut-based one you can buy at pretty much every store in town. SAFEWAY (FUCKING SAFEWAY!) even has generic-brand non-dairy sorbet for like $2 a pint.

I'm thinking your problem isn't lactose intolerance, but rather lack of oxygen to the brain.