I was one of the 1st few waiting @ the terminal for the fight back to Hawaii. I really didn't want to leave PDX. I really enjoyed viewing the city's landscape while cycling around without to many vehicles running me down. I bought had a sappy novel from Powell's to tie me over on the flight. I was set to leave, with tears in my eyes. I waited as mostly tourist filled the terminal w/ a few Hawaii locals, now it's packed.

After take off I notice that you & your kid are wigging in your seats. Do the sunglasses& a hooded jacket I'm wearing make you that uncomfortable? It's cold& sunny in the plane, what gives? I'm not a terrorist! I'll soon find out your more racist /hateful than anyone I know personally. You strike up a chat & I'm so angry that I can't read, I'm going to say all the things the tourism industries doesn't want me to
say. For example how Hawaii is a Over crowed & Traffic ridden death trap.

Oh, to answer your racist questions about Asian people living in Hawaii: Why Yes, there is because if you have had read a map in your life time, the Hawaiian Islands are right next to Asia. Your going to have a big surprise when you land. Also there's every other type of race your little pinhead can think of & more. Your racist thought process is going to have to change now on this very flight.

By the way there are racist in hawaii but they hate any type of tourist. The neo nazi Deutschland bit about you just likeing the history of where your from is not going to cut it.