Portland has plenty of people NOT like me. I leave the city to get away from them. From you, Suburban campers. Camping should be different that your back yard. I like to sit by the river, listen to the wind in the trees and look at a billion stars. I drive 4 hours into the high desert and camp on BLM land so that my odds of seeing people like you are slim. Fuck my dumb luck! You, your hyena friends and your loud, inane conversations showed up. You brought the city with you. You're cheap, spoiled pussies who needs every disposable Fred Meyers "camping" convenience you can fit into your Suburban. You camped next to the only people for miles and thought nothing of getting(and staying) belligerent and shooting guns ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. You never left your nylon Gresham annex to breathe in the amazing surroundings. When WE did, the gunfire followed. Holy shit! When you packed up and left, we had one nice afternoon without you...except that we had to clean up your trash. How did you know what to leave behind?
To all you "campers" who bring the city with you... for fucksake, just stay home.