Grow Up!!


So in order for you to 'convey a message' is by projecting rape in the subject? For example: That cheeseburger I ate last night raped my ass this morning..
Or: I had the great big bowl of rape nuts, and they cleaned my colon, pretty.
What you will see here is I used Pretty to describe my colon... Its really not, pretty. But its clean, pink, delicious, and is conveying a message. Love your article, cant wait to see what you do with periods.
2, Sookie, did you just copy your comment & repost it as an IA? Why? Did you feel that you didn't get enough attention?
Sookie's right, though. It's ridiculous how people blow up about this. Those same people don't tend to blow up when some frat boy says "I totally murdered that cheeseburger, bro!" or "How did the game go? Ah, they killed us!" But use 'rape' as a metaphor and they come over all holier-than-thou. There's no real defense for their position...they just LOVE the chance to feel holier-than-thou. It's a wonderful drug - it fuels whole religions!
Can someone block her I.P before the shit hits the fan? to make it less annoying while things start rolling?
@HoHum no I posted in the anon but I thought they wouldn't take it because that was early afternoon yesterday so I said fuck it and put it in a comment but oh well, guess the message got out twice...sorry for being repetitive...
Ok, got it. And let me say, as a victim of rape, i do not take offense at the use of this word in such contexts. i DO get pissed when people victim blame or belittle the violence of rape. But, i am not so socially retarded that i can't understand what is being implied...However, that habanero sauce that i ate last night is NOT equivelant to rape, even though it burns like a motherfucker. i still chose it. See the difference? If it's going to be used, use it right. Thanks.
Absolutely, that's why I would only use it to describe situations that made me feel extremely taken advantage of but not for something trivial. but I said this all before and I should shut up because some people are getting a bit too much of me. So I'm bowing out, peace...
Hey, Sookie - we all get enough of Them. You are a welcome breath of toxic, cynical air. New blood is always appreciated.
People who lack creativity, throw around the word RAPE in a manner which is fully out of context. I don't use racial slurs & i don't throw out words of its original context it is just not proper. It shows your lack of integrity.

#6 I hope you got justice! Thanks for sharing to prove a great point.
HoHum said what i was thinking. there are actual rape victims out there. think about that before you rant about people being offended. then take your own advice, and grow up
Sookie and Reymont - yes!
What complete dumbfuckery. Feeling taken advantaged of isn't remotely the same thing as rape. The high cost of text-books may be shocking, but it hardly reaches the level of personal intrusion that is comparable to sexual assault. And if you think it does, then you have a hell of a lot of growing up to do.