Yeah, we're a family restaurant and I love kids. I can deal with their yelling and even their fingerprints all over the glass. What I can't deal with is their toys left on the floor of my restaurant. When I'm dropping orders off at tables, I move pretty fast. I know the lay of the floor, I don't need their shit littering it where I can slip and get hurt. When I make the point to clean up after them, don't just smile at me and sip your sugar free soy latte. Correct them you douchebags! If I didn't have to bite my tongue to get a good tip I'd tell them myself. "Hey, you know why we don't leave toys of the floor in a restaurant? Because when some one slips and smashes their head on a table's corner and ends up in the hospital, that's your fault. You will be responsible for that." That's what you tell a kid who doesn't pick up after themselves.