For some reason it has become a trend to train a cat to sit on your shoulder. I have seen several of these attention seeking shit fucks around Portland and it makes me want to rub bile all over your god damn faces. Since when do cats like to try and balance on your fucking shoulder all day? They are not accessories. You want everyone to see how much your cat must love you? If anything, you SWINE are making that poor animal miserable.

Cats are supposed to frolic outside and wrestle with other kitties and roll around in catnip. NOT learn to deal with sitting on your shoulder because you want everyone to think your so unique and awesome. I hope your shoulder cat decides to take an enormous steaming shit on you while while you attempt to look cool in a crowd of people. Or better yet piss all over you. Enjoy the feeling of warm cat piss trickling down your back, try getting that smell out asshole.