To FDW the gobshite from Hillsboro who deceived me for more than two years: THANK GOD I found out what a SOCIOPATHIC, two-timing piece of trash you are BEFORE our November wedding date. You are evil; I wish I could rent billboards to plaster your deceitful face all over town and warn the entire metro area about what a snake you are. Especially “Tish”, from SW Portland, the woman you called a psychotic ex-girlfriend, the woman who rang me last year, whom it appears you and your pets've lived with off and on for years. What lies did you weave for “Tish” to explain your mysterious three week absence? Let alone your consequent firing in July? Does she know you were fired for gross dereliction of duty and drinking on the job, (and were too busy having sex with me Thursday night through Monday morning for two years to do your job)? Either way, I pray “Tish” or at a friend of hers reads this and outs you for the crazy, philandering f**k you really are.