Portland, fuck you. No, I mean it. FUCK YOU. Not "Have A Nice Day." Just say it, just be aggressive. Just show your actual contempt instead of "Have A Nice Day." When you say that, I hear "Fuck You." It doesn't make you seem like you have the higher ground, it makes you sound like a pathetic little canvasser who makes people feel uncomfortable.

And while we're on that topic, canvassers, I am not your fucking friend. Don't great me like I'm your friend. You're not being disarmingly friendly, you're behaving like you work at Macy's on commission. Be respectful. Approaching me like I'm your BFF isn't respectful, in fact it's downright rude. Even more so than jumping out in front of me and asking me for money.

So Portland "Go Fuck Yourself." (That means have a nice day you bunch of pretentious shaking with fear little assholes.)