If you care about someone you’ve dated, even just a little bit, you won’t break up over email. Or worse, text! (Post-its are sooo last decade). Without the exchange that is only possible with an actual conversation, the dumpee could spend weeks, months, or more trying to figure out what they did wrong, and how it is that they suck so badly that they don’t even deserve a face to face or telephone discussion about why you’re moving on. They may read your brief excuse over and over and over trying to figure out what really happened. At least you could give them closure. You know, so they can understand the problem, maybe correct their behavior, and not have the sting of your ice-cold move impact every relationship moving forward. A digital dump just creates more people out there in the dating world who are afraid to open up. And isn’t that the root of most relationship problems? We can’t communicate our needs, feelings, desires, frustrations, or allow ourselves to get close? By hiding behind a brief note (L8TR… NOT!), you’ve just moved both parties (dumper and dumped) backwards. So saddle up, do the hard work that relationships require, and give your not-so-special someone the courtesy of a good ole fashioned break-up. You’ll both feel better in the end, and maybe even learn a lesson or two in the process about what it takes to make a relationship work. Um, like, talking?!