To the power-hungry corporate manager, specifically one at the Fred Meyer on 82nd and Holgate,

Your loud, condemnatory, and unfounded accusations of animal abuse launched at a customer last week severely frightened her children and was based on no knowledge of your own but that garnered from the tweakers in your parking lot who decided any dog left unattended must be "near death." Instead of making any effort to assess the situation on your own or to even look at the dog yourself, you confronted a mother with two young children with the statement "YOUR DOG IS GOING TO DIE!!!" The family had been in your establishment less than fifteen minutes when you confronted them with your self-righteous, walkie-talkie-clad power trip. When two tweakers tell you there is a dog dying in a car in the parking lot, you should not take their word for it. In fact, the dog was perfectly happy until you confronted him with your negative vibe. You probably feel you should be canonized by all Portland Dog Lovers for your brave rescue when in actuality, you pushed the dog and two children into a state of anxiety and fear by freaking out at them and their people.

Get a life and stay out of ours.