To the chickenshits who yelled "GET A JOB, FUCKIN' LOSERS!" while driving up SW Main Saturday night -
Ohhh, how BRAVE of you! Yelling an insult at OCCUPY demonstrators from the safety of a speeding SUV must be some sort of grand political statement on YOUR part, huh? Hell knows you wouldn't have the maturity to actually GET OUT of your stupid truck and INGAGE one of us in debate, let alone the balls to call someone a "fucking loser" to their face. Really, what grown person even does that? Yelling stupid shit at someone from the safety of a speeding, enclosed, motorized vehicle is LITERALLY the goddamned easiest/douche baggiest thing in the world to do! And as i'm sure you and your "bros" were busy pounding jagerbombs and redbulls at the Dixie Tavern later that night, the sheer IRONY must've escaped you. Alas, you and i both know who the TRUE LOSERS are.