Jesus fuck people. I'm walking here! (Ok that was lame right? You know that was completely unscripted?)

I'm a good little pedestrian who waits for the white walky guy before crossing the road. I don't cross on the timer. I patiently wait for my turn regardless of what other pedestrians are doing. But almost every fucking time one of you assholes tries to turn into me, or rush me because you just fucking happen to need to be somewhere. Knock it off you jackasses. One day one of you will hit me, I'm sure of it because you don't pay attention and you just HAVE TO GET TO PILATES ON TIME.

And don't act like it's some big goddamned favor when you wave me across the road half way through an intersection. Right on red is a privilege, not a right. You know most countries don't even have that kind of a rule? Probably because of self involved assholes like you. I also don't know why but this is more of a problem in the Pearl and NW.