Me - seat 16D
You and whole white trash family - approximately rows 15 through 17 seats ABC

Here's a hint fuckers - your 2 year old is crying and screaming because you brought a baby on a goddamn red-eye flight. It isn't crying becuase you haven't fed it, or drugged it with codene cough syrup (like MY MOTHER used to because she had respect for others), or haven't said "shh" enough. That plane was filled with people who had to work the next morning, and were hoping for 3 or maybe even 4 hours of sleep. But no - we had to stay awake to watch all of you and wonder just how people can get away with this shit while normal people have to put our mouthwash in a motherfucking ziplock bag. Drop dead assholes. Sincirely, seat 16D.