Okay, I get it. You got out of High School and joined the military and went and fought in some retarded wars that I (politely) disagree with, but still paid for with my taxes. Now you're back home. Hooray for our soldiers! They're the best! Support our troops! Now move on with your fucking life.

Stop trolling the editorial pages of newspapers with insane letters, shitting up my facebook posts with your aggro rants and logic of, "it's worse in other countries I've been there, maaaan", shouting in my face about "HOW YOU GOT SHOT AT FOR MY FREEDOM," when you act like a pushy drunk at the bar. You obviously skipped out on the PTSD therapy and counseling which my tax dollars are paying for, and your insane and hateful political beliefs aren't justified by the fact that you enlisted when you were too young to know what you were signing up for. Stop using your service record like a bludgeon to show how your opinions and beliefs are superior to those of other people who went and got an education and a decent job.

Make something out of your life before you end up like one of those homeless Vietnam vets who we laughed at 25 years ago in school. I expect that I'll be seeing you sleeping under a park bench 20 years from now if you don't quit ranting against the poors and the brown people and the hippies, and guess what will happen then? My taxes will still be paying for your unwashed, alcoholic, mentally ill ass. My "hippy, liberal, overeducated" politics will be taking care of YOU.