To the owners of the popular local restaurant who happen to live across the street from me: Yes, I can see you. I can see you pile your garbage in a dilapidated trailer parked on the side of your house. I have also seen you urinate in your driveway, early in the morning after you and your friends have stayed up all night drinking. And I've seen you grab your genitalia while walking around your front yard. You are gross and I tell everyone I know not to eat at your grease pit. I tell them about the nasty behavior you exhibit at your house, and therefore must be doing the same at your restaurant. I don't even know how to start a business and a Neanderthal like you has accomplished this? I mean, weren't there forms and permits? Isn't there inventory that needs to be ordered? Aren't there things that require some amount of intelligence in order to start a business? I am confused... and disgusted by you. Bon appetit, those of you who eat there!