Do you people know what a double yellow line means? I mean, I assume you have passed the driving test and are in possession of a valid driver license. Let me refresh your feeble minds: a double yellow line means that you cannot cross it. You can't make a turn across a double yellow line, you fucking idiots. Have you noticed where some of these lines are painted? Like, right after an intersection and do you know why they are painted right after an intersection? Because if you try to turn there, you are going to block traffic AND the intersection and create a hazard! I see you just sitting there blocking the intersection, completely oblivious to your surroundings. MOVE! The driving test is the ONLY test in this fucking country where almost 100% of the people pass it. Do you really think that is just a coincidence? NO! It means that every fucking idiot and simple minded moron can "pass" this test. And it also means that your stupidity is going to interfere with other people's lives. Remember: you can't cross a double yellow line! Be stupid all you want, but when your stupidity impedes my forward motion, then I'm going to hate you. And I do. I hate you.