To people who constantly complain about my cat: I want to tell you to go to hell. I do indeed give my animals a lot of freedom, but only because I respect them so very much. I have known pain and loss all too well when it comes to my pets and I want to make sure that my current cat, Hanky-Poo, lots of freedom. I lost a cat about 15 years ago due to what assume was old age, even though he was only 4 years old.
I bought a new one shortly after, but he died too, from starvation. The next cat I bought I made sure to feed, and he lived to be about 3, but he died suddenly after being crushed by my truck one night after I came home from the bar. It is really difficult to convey the pain one feels after losing something so suddenly and without any reason. God does work in mysterious ways, I guess.
But, my old Hanky-poo keeps me company and welcomes me every day when I get home. He's an outside cat by force, for I don't really want to deal with cleaning litter boxes or buying cat food. Plus, the old lady down the street feeds the resident feral cat population and Hanky joins in on the feast, which saves me money. If I had one complaint, I would say that his constant meowing at the front door in the middle of the night drives me nuts! It's especially annoying in the middle of winter because opening the door to scare him away causes a really draft and lets out the heat. But, I love him nonetheless. Go to hell!