I finally got to meet you last Friday by chance. I was walking home from the bus stop a few blocks away with a bike wheel in tow, & you were conveniently parking your Mini Cooper illegally.

Why do you think that the laws don't apply to you? Everyone else has to park in parking meters ( which are free @ night ) or find Legal free spaces. It's illegal to park by RED CURB or more obviously right in front of a STOP SIGN/ or FIRE HYDRANT.

I don't care that you work at the University & belong to a bicycle Co_OP. I shouldn't have to tell you to not to park your vehicle illegally, which obstructs traffic flow on a pubic street. I have almost been killed countless times while turning into that very street, only to be hit head on by a vehicle that didn't have room to stop, because you parked in front of the Solid White Stop Line. I don't want to get killed because of your sense of entitlement of illegal parking & lack of reading skills of pubic road signage.

I don't regret calling the Cops & will continue to do so until you're making daily trips wayward to fish out your impounded vehicle. Enjoy making payment to the City Leadhead!