Possibly I was late to the boat on this or what. But I would really like to see Foster the People when they are in town for December to Remember. I looked online and tickets are obviously sold out but face value were only $20 or $25. Excuse me if I can't remember.

My problem is this. All of the idiots and scum bags selling tickets for $75 and up. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Firs off the dealers on there are just plain idiots. Second the people selling tickets that are locals should be fucking ashamed of themselves. Isn't Portland all about helping your neighbor or some shit like that. Then why the fuck are you trying to triple you're money? I mean at least start at $60. I just love how they are all saying well its sold out. Yea because you idiots bought all the fucking tickets and are trying to rape us with you're prices.

If you see them on Craig's list send a nasty text and tell them to fuck off. Btw. Says right on Craig's list not to post tickets more than face value.... Oops.