I am fortunate to be in generally good health and so rarely need to frequent your business. However, I occasionally suffer from mild but non the less humiliating maladies and must drag myself to the drug store for some relief.

I am not that old but I do recall a pastoral time when the local pharmacy exercised some level of discretion. A customer could buy condoms, "feminine hygiene" products, adult diapers and the like as the pharmacist quietly allowed you some level of dignity so you could return home to care for your ills.

Now, it seems the the check out line is viewed as yet another sales opportunity, and I am heavily solicited to apply for a "Walgreens Savings Card, " donate to a charity, enticed to purchase gift cards or a "King Sized" Snickers. So, no thank you. I'm not really feeling comfortable providing your clerks with personal information for your savings card while my tube of ass cream and bottles of wart remover linger on the counter between us. Just let me buy items quietly and quickly and let me get the fuck out of there so I can attend to my throbbing, strangulated hemorrhoid in miserable peace.