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"My sympathies go out to all you stupid dumbfucks!"
"Stuff White People Like"? What does "white" have to do with it? Anyway, that's a minor point. What's funny is that this thing that Anonymous wrote could be included in a hilarious "Things Idiots Write at I, Anonymous". It fits well. It's short. It's stupid. So that's pretty good. And yes, I realize my reply could be included in a volume entitled "Ridiculous Responses".
O, how I quietly but urgently yearn for a new book that will continue in the direction embarked upon by Stuff White People Like. Who will step forward to fill this lamentable void in our culture?
No, what I think is truly lamentable is the alarming homogeneity of the profiles (and by extension, the people) on Lovelab. Not the most astute way of pointing that out, Anon, but you're onto something.

But seriously. Read about a dozen or more of the profiles, and you get the feeling that, barring some occasional differences in grammatical skill and writing style, you're reading the profile of a singular person. It's a mix of sad, creepy, and disappointing in equal measure.
"Hateful, I know"—say, isn't that the title of Graham's in-the-works memoir? Too much of a coincidence, I'd say.
@ Eric- I don't know Eric, I was pretty much thinking the same thing. Anyway, you want something more typical average white then the Mercury isn't the best baseline. Go to Wisconsin or something...
@CA. Lovelab is Portland white. It's different, special, all of us. Like snowflakes, ironic snowflakes.

@Todd. That's the first of your many thousand posts that caused me to laugh. Nice work. You're still ruining Blogtown.
@ " - yeah I guess that makes sense...
@*: I'll happily comment 3,000 more times if it will make you laugh again.