I used to respect John Canzano and his column each week until he got on his knees for Chip Kelly and the whole Duck program. His last article an array of excuses why the Ducks got dusted by LSU and how if they played again the Ducks would kick ass. Can this sellout be objective? Did he see the game? Does he not remember just ten months ago when Auburn domintaed this same team? Oh that's right, Canzano predicted the Ducks to run all over them..nice try John...Chip Kelly is an arrogant prick who thinks his secret practices and stoney silence to the press is original and cool, wow I'm impressed. He gets outcoached and outclassed in EVERY big game...anybody who knows football can see this... Canzano's big argument being the Ducks lost the first game of the season, they weren't Warmed Up! Boo Hoo. Be ready Prick. I recall the tile game this year was the Ducks LAST GAME OF THE YEAR JOHN, they still got their ass beat...stop Whining, accept your cheap ranking, and live with it, like every other team!