To the old man who left a pool of blood on the sidewalk by my driveway this morning, I am sorry for your loss. I confess I was awake already at 4:43am and listening at my window. I heard your whatever hit the something. It sounded like a sledgehammer squashing a pumpkin on the street; wet splat Ting. Then groans.
I heard your cries and did nothing! My inaction was inexcusable. I cannot justify it in any light. It won't happen again.
You shouted for help and said that you were "injured in the driveway". I thought, "whose driveway".
I closed the window. 2 minutes later my alarm clock woke me. I checked the window, but you had quit.
I took a shower, and shaved. Dressing, my bedroom was bathed in flickering lights and the Firetrucks' rumble.
I was excited for you that you were receiving care so quickly. Our First Responders are so amazing!
Right before I left I fed the dogs and brushed my teeth. Outside I almost stepped in your huge pool of blood, but I was wearing my nice Nikes and I kind of hopped over it.
So, I'm sorry I didn't rush out of my house, naked really, to rescue you. I wouldn't have had a flashlight and you might've thought I did that to you or something. I'm super happy that someone else helped you though, I feel really bad. Oh and dogs or something drank up all the blood you left so you're all good there. Get well soon!
Sincerely, Nobody Gives a Shit.