I made it to the OP( glorified name for a homeless free for all)for the first, and last time today... The only action I saw there was filth, squalor, sickness, and disease. I truly hope my cyclist friends don't go to support tent city with a "bike swarm." I mean the park is destroyed, garbage littered about haphazardly, people sitting in tents surrounded by wet, filthy belongings(they most likely stole from someone while they were at the bathroom) groups of misfits, in mediocre circles talking about the score they got today from whomever was on the "outside." I saw random looking people milling about with no sense of placement, or reason. All for what? Little to no gain, with little to no action!!! Get back to work, and if your lucky enough to have a job then your better off than me and half the people I know. Then there are the cops... wow, way to give a fuck ton of people you don't support, or seem to disagree with. jobs. Jobs to stand there and wait for you to fuck up, or heaven forbid throw a rock and actually stand up for what is being portrayed there. I won't go back down there, and sorry but I am sad that I made it down there at all. I told myself not to go, and maybe I missed the entire protest area, or the place where people were standing atop their soap boxes. Maybe dysfunction is the key.