I submitted an intelligent article to your childish liberal rag and had stupid comments(both rude and false) added into it by, and I use this term lightly, Editors of the Mercury....You disputed the total cost of Occupy Portland to the city with Police overtime and two trashed parks...the figures are posted in a real newspaper daily idiots, the Oregonian. How about objectivity? Just because I don't agree with the movement ruining my city, breaking the law each day, smoking pot on tv while "Protesting", physically attacking cops, means you can dispute SOLID FACTS...The only reason I pick up your rag is because it is FREE, and I'm BORED...We can see your liberal agenda, its transparent...Watching a hippie crabwalk across the street in front of cops makes me laugh...when you shut down streets, vandalize city property, attack and abuse cops, openly abuse drugs, IT"S NOT PEACEFUL...it's the exact opposite morons!! So next time leave my letter alone, don't add pithy comments, or do the editors not believe in my right to free speech??