Pet Owner Fail


This is amusing. You have stepped on you "know what" (a dogs dick? shiat? an old couch on the street?), but never in a dirty diaper, that translates that you've stepped at least once on a clean dipper. Where you've been man? Id rather be playing with a dog or a skunk than to listen to rants like these all day, everyday.

Funny and all, but shallow. No direction, no aim whatsoever. And it gets old really fast. And all you wrote is bullshit by the way. Giiizz men. Annoying is turning phony, erm, I meant funny.
Nice try, attempting to make something out of nothing.

FACT is - there is NO significant correlation b/t people w/ kids and people w/ pets. By most accounts, MOST selfish people w/ kids also tend to just hoard living things in general. And most people w/ pets who happen to NOT have kids are NOT specifically anti-child.

Nice try, IA. Alas, YOU'RE the one who FAILS!
This is getting like an exercise...semiotics and psychology amongst others. But like boring lately and shaded.
And by that I meant the IA. Culture sucker haha.
Perfectly stated, DamosA.

I think I hear your baby crying, IA -- go change it's diaper and reflect on your unenviable position of having to experience that 10,000 more times.
There is a correlation between two different types of people responsible for living things. Parents, are responsible for their children, and pet owners are responsible for... oh, I don't know what you would call them... PETS. Where does Damosa get his 'fact' of people with kids hoarding living things? I wonder where the term "Crazy Cat Lady" comes from then? Oh, a person who HOARDS animals. Pretty common behavior if it has a nickname for it, yes? I only wish we could go back in time Doogie and Damosa, and see you two little shits throwing tantrums and crapping in your diapers. I wonder what dipshits back in the day hated your parents, and complained about you being children? Probably people just like you are now. Spoiled American brats all growed up to become spoiled American shitheads. Yeah, you heard me.
I neutered my pets.

Just sayin'.
Exactly my point booshamp. All the breeder haters forget that had their parents not bred, they wouldn't be around to bitch about that which they hate sooooo much.
A limit on the number of kids you can have, yes (1, maybe 2 if you don't fuck it up).
And you don't get even one if you you don't have an education, good job, and classes in how to not turn your 'crotch droppings' into asshats.
And 'dog people' are weird BTW.
@ booshamp,

People who hoard animals (the crazy cat lady for example) typically have bred many children earlier in their miserable lives. The kids get grown, then get out. Their husbands leave them. And as they get older and life becomes increasingly meaningless, these women start hoarding all sorts of [more] living things.

@ scarler911,

2 children is far too many. That is not sustainable.
Some dog owners are not just a little bit crazy, they're barking mad.
Lame, Todd. Just lame. I know you can do better.
Can't I teach the young folks here great old slang without people climbing up my back? Apparently not.
That was a little weak Todd, you must admit.
"Anti-children" are great until they get to daycare and come in contact with a regular child. Last happened at the Tunguska Pre-K Junior Achievers Academy in 1908.
You're obviously one of those people who forces Jesus to step on dirty diapers for you.
If you can't tell us how many times a neglectful pet owner caused you to step in a pile of you know what, that's OK. But please, please tell someone. And for the love of god wash off your damned shoes once in a while.
We still have to know whats a you know what. You know what am saying?
@ Damosa: Don't you have a life, man? Geez, I see your postings all through this site, and most of them are you just bitching and whining... about people bitching and whining.
Where are you getting your facts regarding the "Crazy Cat Lady"? They've "bred many children" and their "husbands have left them"? Where do you get this stuff? Do you just make up shit to make your 'argument'? Remember when you were growing up, how there was that one grumpy, lonely old man that hated all the kids? He was a sad sack of shit indeed, and because he had failed so miserably in his life, he had to turn that hate and disillusion onto children (and probably women, hence him being single). Big ol' belly and bad b.o., he was a self-righteous little man who could do no wrong (in his mind) and constantly criticized others.
You're that guy, Damosa.
Where's the love, buddy?