Walk on the Right Side of the Sidewalk, You Dicks!


Did anyone else read "no food for you" in Soup Nazi voice?
heliocentric means "sun at the center" or "revolving around the sun" which I think we all are doing...

if you meant to imply that inconsiderate walkers believe that they are the center of the universe and the world revolves around them, you can use the scientific term "asshat"
heliocentric? You mean concerned about the sun? Oh...I see...."everything revolves around you". That must be it.

Funny, though. I've never considered people walking to be enough of a problem that I'd start cursing. Sure, if they had a double-wide stroller.

Anyway, here's a solution. Have fun with your walk while you're getting where you're going. If someone is where you didn't expect him to be, turn sideways and get by. Or else get a shield and just plow through.
Sounds good at first but do we really want to live in Singapore? Or do we want the freedom to walk wherever we damn well please? What I do know is that we need more backwards-walkers just to make things more interesting.
Blah blah blah, I'm a pretentious ass who moved here from out of state and Portland wasn't what I expected.

People are TOO friendly? Wow. That's a new one.
Dude doesn't even know he is on the "Left Coast." We walk on the left here, dipshit. Duh.
Oh, I routinely have to field the complaint that people here are too friendly, too polite, therefore passive-aggressive. Now, while that sometimes is actually true, it still gets me telling them that they're the worst sort of whiners who utterly deserve to live in some shithole like, say, Phoenix.
I call Mecklum and raise him http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IqhlQfXUk7w

Right walking is for hosers
White people problems.
"Flat state?" You do realize there are big fucking mountain ranges in Oregon and that this city sits at the convergence of a valley and a gorge?

Go back to Jersey, you moronic fucking dimwit.
Hey DamosA, if the rant was about people trying to shuffle down the sidewalk with their pants down to their ankles, would that be a black person problem?
No, please don't change the freakish mish-mash of Portland heliotropes ... helicopters ... whatever ... walking every which way and me banging into them. It's how I met my BF.
Typical race-baiting response from Frankieb.
What part of Portland are you walking around in asshat? Unless you're at the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, or the Brew Fest, there are never enough people on the sidewalks to matter anyhow. It's not Tokyo here, just suburban sprawl with a few kinda tall buildings in the middle.
Okay, the city is not that crowded. I have never encountered a problem walking arouund this city and I move fast (too fast in muy friend's opinions). So, you sir a just a complaining dickhole. "Oh, too friendly, oh people walking on both sides of the sidewalk," horrifying, really. You might have a case for bikes riding on the sidewalks, but not a feew people. Fuck off and deal bitch.
Where are you from? Please return there at once.