Kids and Booze


Why do you choose to frequent an establishment where the OWNERS allow kids? Or is this an isolated incident and you're just overreacting? Having a tantrum maybe? Talk to owners, or go SOMEWHERE else if you don't like the ambiance. People in Portland, so passively aggressive. Jesus.
booshamp, I think that the point is that children should not be in any bars whatsoever
The scourage of BREEDERS - making life utterly unbearable for the REST of us unselfish, responsible adults!
Annoying kids > DamosA
the quality of these rants is going down. This one is easily dealt with. What's next? "I keep smacking my head against your brick wall. What gives you the right to put a brick wall there?" This could be a fun exercise, to come up with the dumbest IA. Maybe that's what this anon. was doing. In that case, pretty good job!
@IcePrez: If the owner is breaking the law by allowing kids to enter an establishment where minors are not permitted, then by all means, notify the proper authorities. I, Anonymous is not the proper outlet to report this heinous "crime". I assumed, that since the poster mentioned other establishments that allow children, he was referencing a place of business that he deemed to be for adults only, and yet children were legally allowed. Perhaps his desire to "get his drink on" was interrupted by some family having dinner or something. Or maybe... just maybe, he was attempting to "hook up" with a male prostitute at said place of business and as he and his "date" were walking to the bathroom, he felt the pang of guilt when he heard a kid asked his mom to pass to ketchup. I'm really reaching here, but it is possible that the poster was actually looking to feed his rampant cocaine habit and as he was handing over the meager earnings of his weekly paycheck to a local drug dealer, he had a realization that he was, in fact, a lowlife that, not only was on the verge of hitting bottom, but had the darkest of hearts which caused him to actually hate innocent children. Like all of us, he, himself was a child and I am certain that he was far worse than the little shit he is complaining about.
Kids are fine. Take em to McDonalds or Chuck E Cheese. But even people who love kids need a place to kick back in an adult setting, like a bar
If breeders insist on dragging their brats with them to places such as bars, theaters, libraries, etc. - then perhaps these businesses should insist that the little runts be kept in holding pens with chicken wire. That way, at least they won't be able to cause any property damage.
Damosa has a problem with people bringing their kids on public transportation, based on a prior post. So his ideas are pretty much moot. But yeah, tell the manager, IA. If they don't agree, spend your money elsewhere. I'm not so sure your peace and quiet is so valuable anyway-- you sound like one of those overly-persecuted, ineffectual adult babies.
i guess Booshamp already made my last point, sorry to be repetitive.
If this had happened to me I would have bought a pitcher of draft beer and spilled it on the parents and the kid.
I love DamosA as we harbor a shared dislike for *runts* and Breeders. We must publicly condemn them and let them know that they are hated, in my opinion. If a screaming brat happens by my table, I have no problem scaring the shit out of them by screaming at them at the top of my lungs. Children should be made to fear adults. With enough of us acting this way, pretty soon the Breeders and their ilk will not venture out of Vancouver, Gresham and Beaverton, and we'll be able to live our lives in peace.
In my experience, it's a particular kind of bar that lets in kids, and it's generally a hippy bar.

Go to old man bars. That shit never happens there. 'Course, then you gotta deal with the old men.
Wow, how original. Yet another breeder hating IA. Given the amount of these we are seeing each week, the contributions must be dwindling. **YAWN**
Kids in bars is getting so bad I was served a shot of bourbon in a tippy cup the other day.... bartender said "just in case."
Children are filthy disease carriers that should be shunned and ostracized at all times. Especially the ones whose parents are too stupid to understand science and choose not to get them their rabies shots.