So, I was biking home on Waterfront on Friday night when you stepped out in front of me. I wondered "why is this crazy asshole getting in my way?" Then I saw you extend your hand and I saw why- you wanted me to high-five you while I biked by.

I didn't, though. Instead I said, "don't be a dick."

"You're a dick," you said to me, being accurate.

I'd just biked through downtown and it was filled with all kinds of fucking people there for the fucking tree because it's stupid fucking Christmas now. I was mad at all the traffic, people, cops, and other stupid festive bullshit that I'd just had to navigate around, and wasn't in the mood for another obstruction.

Look, I really should have high-fived you. You were trying to be friendly and spontaneous, and I acted like a jerk. Sorry about that. You're not a dick. High-five, dude.