The Signs said "Buy More Stuff," "Hurry!"


So, there's been an overall change in the movement because you heard someone yell, "Hurry!" "Buy more stuff."? Seems like you were just itching to rant about OPS, just waiting for some excuse to go on your diatribe. When you heard someone yell what they did, you quickly ran home, frantically logged into I, Anonymous and thought to yourself, "It's about time. I've been waiting for a reason!!" as you started to compose your silly opinion. Funny though, I bet if you saw an ad at Walmart stating: "Hurry in and buy more stuff!", you wouldn't have been the least bit offended. It's good to know that people like you, who nit-pick every little thing about OPS in the hopes of bringing it down, are rarely taken seriously. Just silly little people writing self-righteous rants. Yawn.
The writer is spot-on.
I didn't realize the 99% were against simple holiday consumerism.
I'm not, at least.
What's simple about holiday consumerism, frankie?

How did the holidays become about consumerism, anyway?
Personally, I like the idea of getting fun gifts better than belief in an God-like Jesus.
(who had a 1 in 365 chance of being born Dec 25th)

Gimme my Red Rider BB Gun Bitch!
Every cynical, snide remark that helps divide the working classes only benefits the 1%.

The 1% just love it when we bicker amongst ourselves, it's just more money in the bank for them.
Oh for christs sake... get real.
denial is not a river in Egypt
Your thinking here is painfully simplistic.
Idealistic - sure, but simplistic.
So here is this IA bitching and whining (in the shadows) about some sign he/she saw. O k. Meanwhile, you're just doing the usual... which is to say - not jack shit productive. Other than to bitch and whine about how other people choose to protest. You IN LOVE with Lloyd center mall, or something, huh?
This Damos guy sure has a lot of time on his hands to write such pithy comments on every single post....jeez get a life, or go protest and break more laws...are you gonna help pay off the 1.3 million dollars?????
It's impossible to stand for anything, to take any moral position, to state any personal principle, without being accused of being "morally superior," "smug," etc. Go ahead, anyone, say anything on moral/social/political grounds, and I'll respond that you're being smug and morally superior, no matter how much you've stayed on-message and avoided making it about yourself. It's the easiest thing in the world. I'll call you "self-righteous" even if there was no "self" in your political position. It's fail-safe because it's such a vague accusation and it's impossible to respond to. What's the target of the accusation supposed to say, "No, I'm not being morally superior."?
Agreed that more than few Occupy Portland folks are mostly doing it to "make the scene" in their pseudo-anarchist clique. Unfortunately there's no shortage of jackasses willing to paint a circle-A on a mailbox, so these folks' noteriety is fleeting at best. Wait five years and ask them if the arrest record was worth the hassle. Ask them if they felt like they really changed anything. Then ask if they think they looked cool while they did it. Compare & contrast.
agree with Chunty and think IA makes a point--- those signs are fake as shit, mainly because the people holding them are likely (on some level, living in a wealthy nation) hypocrits. at least, they're smug and wanky.


The Buy More Stuff people have nothing to do with Occupy. Some of the same people may be involved, but they are independent of each other, and Buy More Stuff has been around for a few years. Don't jump to conclusions eh?