To the pretentious asshole who believes women should be at his beckon call- go fuck yourself. I apologize profusely for having a voice and speaking my mind, as inferior as it may be to your mighty one. I actually do have a problem with your term "keeping it casual" when it entails I'm only allowed to bask in your fucking glory if a) it's on your terms b) no one is around to see me and c)it's at the shit-hole also known as your apartment. I thoroughly enjoy the fact that you think I should be thrilled, nay, accepting of your "I'm just being honest" statement made to me via text. The huge shit my cat produces for me to clean in his kitty box has more meaning and depth that your half assed text, dipshit. Contrary to what you may believe, my world doesn't revolve around your dick, especially when it lacks as much as yours does. Don't take your inability to please me sexually personally. I'm just being honest.