You twisted sick fuck. Maybe once upon a time you had a slight chance to become a decent human being, and for whatever you-were-unfairly-fucked-over-by-life-at-an-earlier-age reason that so did not happen. I pulled up behind your Washington-licensed Ford Explorer on the southbound I-5 off ramp at Broadway. I saw the 2 old homeless dudes with their cardboard signs looking for spare change. You saw them too. I didn't give them any because I am just a heartless asshole who doesn't believe in giving away my money like that. But not you, no, you twisted sick fuck, you needed to pelt them with change, whip quarters (I hope at least they were quarters) and laugh at them. Because old homeless guys asking for change with cardboard signs on the street are SO DAMN FUNNY! I hope you rot in a wet bed of your own piss someday.