It has been almost one year now. I can still recall the panic I felt as I received the call from you telling me that you guys were back a day early!
My immediate thought was "can make it to their house before they return from the airport"?
It was quickly apparent to be too risky as I was at work and leaving would have jammed us all up.
I think I deleted all the porn but explaining all the wads of tissue and where all your wine went was becoming a hellish thought.
And fuck, did I close her underwear drawer? Does it look like someone rifled through it?
I never unclogged the basement toilet from that deuce I dropped and the nice towels from the master that were used to sop up gallons of dog piss were still on the washer, I think.
Shit, so when you called and asked me if I was able to watch your place again this Christmas i said "sure" why not...