Not long ago I had the poor fortune of meeting a certain founder and namesake of a local health food company. As a sixth generation Oregonian and somewhat of a health conscious person, I knew of his products and recognized him in his ivy cap and custom emroidered shirt. I was suprised however by his derogatory "Let me tell you how this is gonna work" sort of attitude.

I've worked in customer service and I've been talked down to, but never by someone who's products I've gone out of my way to buy and happily paid more than a little extra for. Never by someone who's restaurant I've patroned and recommended to friends and family. So maybe I need to let this dick (or the new owners of his company) know how this is gonna work. If he's gonna parade around town in his get-up, he needs to watch the way he talks to people. Because the lowly dogs pumping his gas and waiting on him just may be his fucking customers. Now I gotta get new flour cause everytime I open the cupboard I see his dickhead face. Fuck.