to the incompetent governmental-street-sign-folk who are responsible for the shameful dearth of high-visibility street signs that could be alerting us driving/biking/walking/everythinging-folk to the name of the mystery street right in front of us as we’re sitting/straddling/standing/whatevering at some major intersection, maybe needing to turn on said road if only we knew what the fucking name of it was:

to you, you bunch of numb-nutted/ovummed street-sign-administration-folk, with your often ill-thought-out and seemingly arbitrary placement of the few signs that actually do exist: am i to believe that i’m the only one in town without a god-damned g.p.s.-thingy mounted on my dash/handlebar/walking stick/whatever, that i’m the only one who still feels that creating and intelligently-displaying adequate street signage is absolutely necessary to anyone in want of knowing where the hell they are?

wake up, you inept street-sign-folk-fucks! — now’s the time for you to pull your heads out of your sloppy, chair-sitting asses and to finally get to work on something that has long since been implemented (and was surely seen as a painfully obvious, first priority) by virtually every other city of comparable size in this entire, bloody galaxy.

[hint: for starters, maybe think about utilizing the big empty spaces all around the stoplights (you know, maybe high above most obstructions, visible from nearly every angle, so, like, people might actually be able to fuc [WORD LIMIT EXCEEDED]